Hi! My name is Derek Skinner. I am a hardworking and dedicated individual with over 5 years professional working experience and a Bachelors degree in design. Strong skills in design/development; I love pushing the limits and making ideas come to life. Coworkers have described me as someone who is devoted to projects from initial concept to final delivery. I am currently freelancing in the San Francisco bay area, and remotely. If you're curious, find out more about me.


I feel that I have a passionate connection to design and problem solving. I love the challenge of connecting people with brands and keeping users engaged. I believe that all good design starts with a solid concept.


Like design, animation is another way to express yourself, and to connect your brand with its audience. A well thought out animation pops off the screen and delivers a memorable message to the viewer.


I taught myself coding skills to allow me to make my designs come to life in the form of interactive websites or prototype apps. From my past experiences, I have found that transforming a static design, to a functional thing is a very rewarding experience.

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